Admissions open for Grade Toddlers

Registrations to open for Grade Toddle Toe I to Grade IX & XI.

On completion of the registration process, parents will be informed about the date of the Entrance Test. Assessment for Admission is by a written test. This will be followed by an informal interaction of the Principal with the students and parents. Based on the results, parents will be notified. The Principal reserves the right to admit the child into the class deemed suitable for her or him. The Gladiolus shall seek candidates from diverse social and cultural backgrounds who demonstrate a desire to continuously learn and grow.

Once the admission is confirmed, school fees and documents as mentioned are to be submitted.

Registration Rules

Application Form for registration is attached with the Prospectus. The official application form must be completed and may be deposited with the Admissions Office accompanied with registration fee. The registration fee is non-refundable. However, this process of registration does not guarantee admission.

Age Requirements (Years)

S.N.    Class  Age
1 Toddlers 2 ½
2 Toddle Toe 1 03
3 Toddle Toe 2 04
4 Toddle Toe 3 05
5 I 06
6 II 07
7 III 08
8 IV 09
9 V 10
10 VI 11
11 VII 12
12 VIII 13
13 IX 14
14 X 15
15 XI 16
16 XII 17
17 Download Admission Form Download